Client Agreement

You as the student or parent of the student enrolling in a group program with Celia Slattery Voice  Studio confirm  their  willing  participation  in  voice  lessons or  other  events  with  Celia Slattery Voice Studio. You have read and agree to the studio policies outlined here.  You agree to hold harmless and release from liability Celia Slattery Voice Studio, Celia Slattery, and any representative thereof for any action, claim, or damage that may arise as a result from the Student’s participation in voice lessons or other related events. 

By submitting your card information you authorize Celia Slattery Voice & Performance Studio to charge your card  with payments related to your program. You agree that by registering for a group program you are responsible for all payments whether you complete the program or not.  There are no refunds or credits issues should you miss group meetings.  

You agree that any audio/photo/video material taken by Celia Slattery Voice & Performance Studio may be used for promotional purposes, including recordings of Zoom meetings.  

If in person, you give permission to any authorized representative or sponsor of Celia Slattery Voice & Performance Studio to obtain service of and/or advice from an available physician or other medical personnel for the student in case of illness or injury, including any necessary transportation for such emergency care. You